Winter Tires

How do you prepare for driving in harsh Canadian winters? There are many things’ drivers should do such as, make sure you have a brush in your car, topping up your windshield washer fluid and above all else, make sure you equip your car or truck with RoadX winter tires for all your winter adventures

As seasons change and the days begin to get colder it’s time to start preparing for winter. Once it reaches 7°C and below it’s time to have your winter car tires or winter truck tires installed because, at this temperature, you need tires specially formulated with compounds to stay soft and flexible in even the coldest weather. That’s why winter tires are engineered using specially formulated compounds to stay soft and flexible in even the coldest weather. This allows winter tires to maintain better traction with the road through snow, slush, and ice.

Don’t be stuck at the crossroad of performance and price. Great tires at a great price, simple as that. That’s RoadX. No need to sacrifice performance for price. Own the crossroads and ensure your Car, SUV, CUV or Pick-up truck is ready to take on all the adventures winter has to offer, make sure you get winter tires designed to perform in Canada’s harsh winters in mind. Rule the road with your set of RoadX winter tires exclusively at Kal Tire.


Studdable Winter Tire


Studless Winter tire